No.One 1 Adam Smith No Thirty One 31 Liam Davies
No. Two 2 Rob Ashton No.Thirty Two 32 Tom Thompson
No.Three 3 Gary Holder No.Thirty Three 33 Dave Reed
No.Four 4 Jason Foxkirk No.Thirty Four 34 Pete Hoskin *
No. Five 5 Gary Holder * No. Thirty Five 35 Gary Harden
No. Six 6 Barbara Worthington* No. Thirty Six 36 Andy Jones *
No. Seven 7 Gary Holder * No. Thirty Seven 37 AVAILABLE
No. Eight 8 Pete Dickinson No. Thirty Eight 38 Andy Holt * *
No. Nine 9 Paul Scaife No. Thirty Nine 39 Jonathan Butterworth * *
No. Ten 10 John Dawson No. Forty 40 Ashley Payne
No Eleven 11 Dougie Tattersall No. Forty One 41 Dougie Tattersall
No. Twelve 12 Chris Ainsworth No. Forty Two 42 David Dawson
No. Thirteen 13 Gren Worsley * * No. Forty Three 43 Bernard Tracey
No. Fourteen 14 Owain Tracey No. Forty Four 44 Matt Hussey
No. Fifteen 15 Owain Tracey No. Forty Five 45 Ron Ashworth
No. Sixteen 16 Roy Lister* No. Forty Six 46 Helen Chambers
No. Seventeen 17 Paul Jepson No. Forty Seven 47 Ryan Noon *
No. Eighteen 18 Margaret Tattersall No. Forty Eight 48 Alex Moss
No. Nineteen 19 Matt Burke No. Forty Nine 49 Dougie Tattersall *
No. Twenty 20 Gary Holder No. Fifty 50 AVAILABLE * *
No. Twenty One 21 Andy Holt No. Fifty One 51 AVAILABLE
No. Twenty Two 22 Craig Caldwell No. Fifty Two 52 AVAILABLE
No. Twenty Three 23 John Hindle No. Fifty Three 53 AVAILABLE
No Twenty Four 24 Ray Kemp No. Fifty Four 54 AVAILABLE
No. Twenty Five 25 Francis Chadwick No. Fifty Five 55 Sharon Rudge
No. Twenty Six 26 Rodney Butterworth No. Fifty Six 56 Julian Fisher
No. Twenty Seven 27 AVAILABLE No. Fifty Seven 57 * Alison Jones
No. Twenty Eight 28 Matt Croney No. Fifty Eight 58 AVAILABLE
No. Twenty Nine 29 Gren Worsley No. Fifty Nine 59 AVAILABLE
No. Thirty 30 Steven Lord --------------------
6th January 50 Not Sold
13th January 5 Gary Holder
20th January 47 Ryan Noon
27th January 16 Roy Lister
3rd Febuary 38 Andrew Holt
10th Febuary 13 Gren Worsley
17th Febuary 56 Juliaqn Fisher
24th Febuary 07 Gary Holder
3rd March 36 Andy Jones
10th March 50 Not Sold
17th March 39 Jonathan Butterworth
24th March 49 Dougie Tattersall
31st March 39 Jonathan Butterworth
7th April 13 Gren Worsley
14th April xx xxxxxxxxxx
21st April 38 Andrew Holt
28th April xx xxxxxxxxxx
5th May xx xxxxxxxxxx
12th May xx xxxxxxxxxx
19th May xx xxxxxxxxxx
26th May xx xxxxxxxxxx
2nd June xx xxxxxxxxxx
9th June xx xxxxxxxxxx
16th June xx xxxxxxxxxx
23rd June xx xxxxxxxxxx
30th June xx xxxxxxxxxx
7th July xx xxxxxxxxxx
14th July xx xxxxxxxxxx
21st July xx xxxxxxxxxx
28th July xx xxxxxxxxxx
4th August xx xxxxxxxxxx
11th August xx xxxxxxxxxx
18th August xx xxxxxxxxxx
25th August xx xxxxxxxxxx
1st September xx xxxxxxxxxx
8th September xx xxxxxxxxxx
15th September xx xxxxxxxxxx
22nd September xx xxxxxxxxxx
29th September xx xxxxxxxxxx
6th October xx xxxxxxxxxx
13th October xx xxxxxxxxxx
20th October xx xxxxxxxxxx
27th October xx xxxxxxxxxx
3rd November xx xxxxxxxxxx
10th November xx xxxxxxxxxx
17th November xx xxxxxxxxxx
24th November xx xxxxxxxxxx
1st December xx xxxxxxxxxx
8th December xx xxxxxxxxxx
15th December xx xxxxxxxxxx
22nd December xx xxxxxxxxxx
29th December xx xxxxxxxxxx
Still 8 numbers available, £4 per month by Bankers order. £25 every week to be won.